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Introducing The Thrills
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz (CD Single)


Virgin Records

The Thrills are: Connor Deasey (Vocals), Daniel Ryan (Guitar), Podraic Mcmahon (Bass guitar), Ben Carrigan (Drums) and Kevin Horan (Keyboards) and are the latest offering from virgin records, Santa Cruz is their implausible debut single. Already the single has invaded the radio waves and is due for release on November the 11th.

I was rather shocked to hear The Thrills single, judging by the name I was expecting another contribution to the Garage rock scene, what I found was a super melodic slice of mellow pie…this did shock me…. But I liked it!

Santa Cruz sounds like an intelligent blend between the orchestration of The Beach Boys Pet Sounds with the melodic essence of The Beatles or The Carpenters and just to top it off the vocals of the Lead singer from The Flaming lips.

The Band who hail from Ireland played their first gig with Morrissey at non other than the Royal Albert Hall, not a band start for newcomers! The band are currently finishing the recording of their album in LA.

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