Review of More Parts per million Album by The Thermals

The Thermals - More Parts per million

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Album review- The Thermals- More Parts per million- Sub Pop records

The Thermals

More Parts per million

Sub Pop records

An impressive 13 titles but unfortunately a bit more variation is needed in order to make this a better release all round. There's nothing wrong with fast and loud amp breaking melodies yet a few “come down to go up again” moments wouldn't go a miss.

A lot of songs have the same feel to them in terms of vocal range and expression. Although, the material there, is great with a blend of well thought of words. Everything they have works together well in terms of originality. If you’re into 'The Libertines' this would appeal to your ear plugs, or even The Stones with a faster tempo.

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It's amazing considering lead singer Hutch Harris created the ideas in his Kitchen in a town surrounded by poor weather and run down houses. Initially he created the early recordings on a four track in his one bedroom home. Now releasing on the Sub-Pop label which combines both rock and grunge influences. Having broke the barriers of Sound engineering and brought about something that goes in any so called direction having 'More Parts per Million' well apparently.

On a low budget - the evidence is sometimes there to hear. The vocals are lost in the background. Some furious guitar moments - but where's the lead guitarist gone?

Anyhow, to sum it up we have a good album but it falls short of great. I'm sure the band has more to offer ….so for the meantime let's just watch and see what happens.

Liam Golder