Despite pretty awful reviews, Texas Chainsaw 3D - an unwarranted, unnecessary remake by all accounts - has dominated this week's box office chart, pushing Quentin Tarantino's contentious yet popular Django Unchained off the top spot. Here's your Monday Box Office review for North America and Canada.

$23,000,000 was enough to propel the 3D horror re-hash to the #1 spot, taking the crown from Django Unchained, which managed just over $20m, bringing its total, after an impressive opening weekend, to $104.4m. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey carries its form into a 4th week, placing 3rd with $17,525,000m and a whopping $263.8m overall. At last count, Peter Jackson's latest J.R.R Tolkien cinematic re-imagining had a gross of just over $600m, making the $180m budget a thoroughly decent outlay. Les Miserables drops a spot to 4th managing $16,117,200m in its second week, while Parental Guidance completes the top 5 with $10,125,000m; also in the second week of release. 

Tom Cruise's unlikely turn as above the law maverick Jack Reacher drops out of the top 5 with $9.3m, marking a fairly disappointing run for the Lee Child's novel-adaptation. This Is 40 comes in at #7 with a touch over $8.5m while, in its 9th week, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln - a strong Oscar favourite - places 8th with $5,258,000m. Guilt Trip and Promised Land round off the top 10 with $4,530,000 and $4,311,563 respectively. Figures obtained from Yahoo Movies.