The Stooges rocker James Williamson has resurrected a collection of songs he wrote with Iggy Pop four decades ago.

The iconic punk band enjoyed a prolific creative period while they toured their now-legendary 1973 album Raw Power, but the songs they wrote were never properly recorded and the group split in 1974 after being dropped by their record label.

Williamson tell Uncut magazine, "We did Raw Power, and we still had a record contract with CBS (the Cbs Records label) for a second album. We were out touring the U.S. like crazy, generating new material for what would have been a second album on Cbs, but later on in the tour they decided not to pick up our option, so those songs just kind of laid there."

The guitarist is now preparing to release the lost album that was to be Raw Power's follow-up, titled Re-Licked, after spending a year in the recording studio working on the songs, many of which have only been heard as rehearsal or live recordings.

Iggy Pop is not involved with the project, so Williamson has recruited a number of collaborators including former Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Mark Lanegan, punk legend Jello Biafra and blues singer Carolyn Wonderland to handle vocal duties.

He explains, "It's been really encouraging how many singers have come forward and wanted to sing on it.... I discussed doing these with Iggy. We decided there was no way we could do them as The Stooges and not be compared to the old Stooges... So we opted to do a new record (2013's Ready To Die). Why don't I do it with Iggy now? I felt like this was my project, I didn't feel like he was particularly thrilled about jumping back into the studio. Now I think he's hearing that it sounds pretty damn good, so hey, if he wants to sing on one or two of them I'd be thrilled to death to have him do it. So it's kind of open ended but frankly I don't think he will."

Re-Licked is due for release in the autumn (14), while tracks Open Up and Bleed and Gimme Some Skin, both featuring Wonderland, will be released as singles for Record Store Day in April (14).