Iggy and The Stooges were not allowed into the UK when they first appeared at the border.

The legendary rock group - fronted by Iggy Pop - were relocated from Michigan in the US to London to work with David Bowie on their album 'Raw Power' in 1972.

But the band's guitarist, James Williamson, has revealed the country's authorities didn't want to let them into the country.

He said: "When Iggy and I showed up at the airport we were so undesirable that customs officials wanted us to get straight back on the plane. It was only when David Bowie's manager Tony DeFries turned up that they actually let us into the country."

The group only played one concert in the UK, in London, and James said the audience were so shocked by the performance he knew they were unlikely to ever be invited back.

He added: "The audience was terrified, with Iggy climbing all over them, and management decided we would get arrested if we did any more shows," says Williamson. "And apart from Bowie, nobody really got us anyway. We didn't help people get us. We made it up as we went along."

The group imploded in 1974 but have recently reformed and are playing across Europe this summer.