The Stone Roses could ''combust at any moment''.

That's according to John Robb, the group's biographer, has compared to the band to fellow British rockers Manic Street Preachers, hinting they are a bit more predictable than the Ian Brown-fronted outfit, who he insists have a ''brilliance'' about them but it is too ''fleeting''.

He said: ''I love Manic Street Preachers, but there's a certainty to them. That's not a criticism of them, just that you know they'll all be in the Manics for the rest of their lives. The thing about The Roses, is that from day one that band could have combusted at any moment. Their brilliance is so fleeting and hard to grasp, that it disappears. They get it in their hands, then they just let it go again.

''When they did grab it, god it was amazing. Last year when they played Manchester, it was just magical. They're just such a fantastic and powerful band.''

But the musician admits the Roses' unpredictability is one of the aspects which makes them so ''interesting'', and he's not even sure whether they have stopped making music again for the foreseeable future.

He added to NME magazine: ''It's not official 100 per cent confirmed that they've stopped, but it looks like they have, doesn't it?

''The thing about those guys, is that nothing is ever certain with The Stone Roses. That's one of the things that made them such an interesting band.''

Ian sparked speculation the Stone Roses - who split in 1996 before reforming in 2011 - had gone their separate ways again at the end of their gig in Glasgow's Hampden Park in June.

He told fans: ''Don't be sad it's over, be happy that it happened.''