Review of Helicopters Single by The Stills

The Stills
Released: 20th August
Single Review

The Stills Helicopters Single

Montreal quartet The Stills may have ditched the post-punk, sub-Interpol despondency that made 'Logic Will Break Your Heart' one of the most flawless albums of the decade but at least they haven't discarded their knack of conjuring up a good old tune.

'Helicopters' sees them venture down a less introspective root than their previous work, preferring instead to concentrate on the looser, countrified meanderings that the likes of The Byrds and to a leser extent Buffalo Tom crafted many moons ago, and the likes of My Morning Jacket serve up so well today.

This is quite possibly the most accessible track off their recent 'Without Feathers' long player and although representing a marked departure for anyone expecting a sequel to The Stills of old, 'Helicopters' is a welcome return that bodes well for the future.

Dom Gourlay

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