Director Danny Provenzano claims he hired his This Thing of Ours star to appear in a new project two years ago and met his demands to be paid $3,000 (£1,875) in cash for the three-day shoot - but he alleges Pastore was a no-show when cameras began rolling that December (13).

A letter sent by the filmmaker's attorney Thomas Ferro to Pastore's representatives reads: "Everyone scheduled to appear showed up - except for Pastore.

"Danny telephoned Pastore and asked him why he was not yet on-set. Pastore simply said he was not coming, citing no real reason... and hung up on Danny."

The message continues, "The three-day shoot cost about $85,000."

Ferro goes on to threaten a lawsuit if The Sopranos star's representatives don't settle the issue this month (Mar15), but Pastore's lawyer, Suzy Rose Yengo, insists there is no basis for legal action.

Dismissing the allegations of Pastore's unprofessionalism, Yengo tells the New York Post, "There is no valid potential legal dispute between these parties at this time or at any time, and any public threat of legal action is defamatory and harassment against my client."