DENISE BORINO-QUINN, the actress who played a Mafia wife on the hit US show The Sopranos, has died aged 46 after a long battle with liver cancer, reports People Magazine. The much loved star attended an open casting call for the part of 'Johnny Sacrimoni's' wife on the show in 2000, and was surprised to learn she had landed the role, saying "I think I was in total shock when I got the call!", at the time. She had no previous acting experience and was a manicurist at the time.
Sadly, her death comes just five months after her husband, LUKE QUINN JR, who she married after being hired on THE SOPRANOS, died in March. Her character, 'Ginny Sacrimoni' would often profess to be on a diet, and anyone poking fun at her weight would face the wrath of her mobster husband Johnny. Borino-Quinn was accompanied to a 'Sopranos' casting by a friend, and was up against 14,000 hopefuls for the part.
When not appearing on the show, Borino-Quinn worked at a law firm in New Brunswick. She is survived by two brothers, Vincent and Chris Borino.