The Sopranos star Dominic Chianese is working on a new musical with his social worker daughter.
The actor/singer was so impressed with a play his daughter Rebecca wrote, he asked if he could add music to it and has since called on composer Peter Fish to score it.
He tells's Let's Do Lunch! "She (daughter) wrote this as a play and we did a reading of it about three years ago at (The Soprano's co-star) Michael Imperioli's place, Studio Dante, and it was very successful. It's called That's Life and it's about a married Brooklyn couple.
"I suggested, because the characters are so rich, that we make a musical of it and right now we're putting music to it... We'll probably do it off-Broadway to start, but eventually it could be a Broadway show.
"Rebecca is a good writer so I'm very excited about it. She's gonna be famous some day."