Former The Smiths star Morrissey banned any meat products from his concert in New York earlier this week.

The I'M THROWING MY ARMS AROUND PARIS hit-maker demanded that any food which "used to have a face" was banned from Webster Hall before and during his show.

A source said: "There were no deli sandwiches, sushi, pepperoni pizza or anything else that used to have a face. Even the cleaning staff were happy to do their part by bringing in veggie sandwiches for lunch."

The singer is known for being a keen vegetarian and THE SMITHS' second album was even titled MEAT IS MURDER.

Earlier this year, a man who applied to be MORRISSEY'S valet on a tour of the US told the Times that the singer ensures all his staff eat a vegetarian diet, adding: "The one overriding rule is the vegetarian one. No burgers from room service, no ham salads."

He added that crew members would be fired if they were caught eating meat.

The singer's enthusiasm for a meat-free life earned him a nomination for animal charity PETA2's sexiest vegetarian award in 2008.

MORRISSEY has performed several concerts in New York recently, also taking to the stage at the Bowery Ballroom and Carnegie Hall.

27/03/2009 14:58:09