Former The Smiths songwriters Morrissey and Johnny Marr have joined forces once more - to support a leading animal rights campaign group.
The musicians, who had a highly public bust-up after the cult British band split in 1987, have spoken out against fox hunting and other bloodsports.
Stars including funnyman Ricky Gervais and British actor Sir David Jason have also thrown their support behind the League Against Cruel Sports.
In a post on the campaign group's website, outspoken vegetarian Morrissey writes, "The moral climate surely tells all intelligent people that the key to the extent of any person's humanity is in their relationship to - and protection of - animals. People who hunt are under delusions of possession and property and divine right, and their debasement of human standards is always evident in their outrage at ever being questioned about their activities."
Guitarist Marr adds, "Sports which involve causing injury to animals are not only cruel but unnecessary and outdated. I'm sure that given the opportunity then the majority of people would choose to outlaw it. I feel that those who think it's ok to abuse animals for so called sport are ignorant."
And The Office star Gervais writes, "Animals are not around just for people to abuse and kill in the name of so-called entertainment and sport. It's beyond belief that it actually happens and that certain deluded people get enjoyment from it. I support the League and its campaigns to try and stop cruel sports."