Former The Smiths star Mike Joyce is urging Morrissey to consider reuniting the band in a bid to please fans.

The group split in 1987 after a fall-out between singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr, but in recent years there has been continued speculation that they may make a comeback.

Joyce and Marr both ruled out the latest round of reunion rumours last year (12), but the drummer admits he's coming round to the idea - and is calling on Morrissey to reconsider.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "It would sound great. I'm a better player than I was. Morrissey's voice is still incredible, Johnny is playing great. With the equipment and Pa (public address) systems 30 years on, if we got up on stage and played, it would sound incredible.

"A promoter asked me, 'Why don't you just do it? It would make millions of people happy'. I said, 'You're asking the wrong man.'

"I don't think about it every day. But if they asked me, I'd probably say yes. If you put everyone in the same room it's amazing how things can turn around."

However, if a reunion was to take place, there would be underlying tension between the former bandmates - Joyce famously sued the songwriters in the 1990s for an increased share of the group's earnings.