Former The Smiths stars Johnny Marr and Mike Joyce have denied new reports the cult 1980s band is planning to reunite.
The group split in 1987 after a bust-up between singer Morrissey and guitarist Marr, and they've been dogged by rumours of a reunion ever since.
The speculation was reignited again on Thursday (26Apr12) when a music news website reported the rockers are eyeing a series of gigs later this year (12) - but Marr and drummer Joyce are adamant it's not true.
A representative for Marr tells WENN, "Purely a rumour. (It's) false."
Joyce, who launched a bitter lawsuit against Morrissey and Marr in the 1990s demanding a bigger share of the band's royalties, says, "When I first heard about it I was... to say surprised and rather shocked was a bit of an understatement. Obviously I had to keep my emotions in check... It's not happening folks, as far as I know - which could be a good thing.
"Now if it was going to happen without - sans - me then, yeah - I don't know. Avec me, then I would have known about it, wouldn't I?"
However, Joyce refused to rule out the possibility of a Smiths reunion in the future, adding, "We don't know, do we really - 'cause we can never know. I mean, there's quite a few bands who have got back together again who people said it would never happen, and they did. Only time will tell."
Morrissey, who is currently on tour in the Far East and has solo concerts scheduled until at least July, could not be contacted for comment.