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The Sleepy Jackson

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Debut Album 'The Sleepy Jackson' Reviewed (Virgin)
Let me introduce you to the latest four piece outfit to come out of Australia, The Sleepy Jackson are an experimental alternative rock band. guitarist/vocalist Luke Steele, Mal on drums, Justin on vocals/guitar and Rod on bass. The Jackson originate from Perth and have already toured along side Supergrass, The Cooper Temple Clause & The Vines. The band who have only had a short career as yet have already released 2 EPs (Let Your Love Be Love & Caffeine In The Morning Sun).

The bluesy 46 second intro track 'Not Crying' sounds like it would fit nicely onto the Gomez album 'Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline' this is immediately followed by Good Dancers, which is an up beat hippy track, there is so much going on in this track every time you listen you hear a different instrument in the background ranging from string sections right down to the constant sound of someone shacking a little 'love egg'. Sunkids intro starts with a simple piano and vocal solo soon after a full choir kicks in, this track sometimes reminds me of Starsailor, I really don't enjoy making that comparison because this track has a lot more structure than most of Starsailors song perhaps it's just the use of the piano yet it has to be noted. The next track finds yet another change of tempo, Lung is a 40 second Fear & Loathing paranoia trip. The following track 'Now Your Spirit Drags This Pack' is lo-fi and relies on its poignant lyrics, even though the track sounds simple it keeps you listening. Miniskirt edges on the kind of alternative country sound Beck experiments with. The album is brought to a close with 'Let Your Love Be Love' which sounds like the Pogues well at least Shane McGowan drunk standing by the piano in his local pub.

The whole album is a blend of different sounds, from the Flaming Lips to Gomez this debut is definitely one to have a listen to.

The Sleepy Jackson Debut Album 'The Sleepy Jackson' Reviewed (Virgin) @
The Sleepy Jackson Debut Album 'The Sleepy Jackson' Reviewed (Virgin) @
The Sleepy Jackson Debut Album 'The Sleepy Jackson' Reviewed (Virgin) @