Matt de Lanoy has taken his love for The Simpsons and Lego and combined them in the form of a lovingly recreated Springfield.

“Oddly enough, I ended creating my own Simpsons' house because the LEGO set was a bit too big to fit in my town plan,” explained the Lego enthusiast. 

Everything from The Simpsons family home – complete with annoying Flanders residence next door – stupid Flanders – to Homer’s place of work at the Nuclear power plant has been created. You can also check out Moe’s tavern, and the iconic moment when Bart lopped Jebediah Springfield's statue's head off to appear cool to the local bullies in the episode ‘The Telltale Head’. 

It was recently announced that Conan O’Brien will be performing “The Monorail Song”, from the classic Simpsons episode “Marge Vs. the Monorail” as part of a three-day finale spectacular at The Holloywood Bowl.

“Two days before I left to come to England, my phone rang and it was The Simpsons. And they said that they were doing a live show at the Hollywood Bowl, and all the actors are going to do the voices, and, ‘Would you be a special guest star and sing ‘The Monorail Song’ with the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Choir [actually the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles]?’ And the answer there is ‘YES’, so I am going to do that I think in September,” explained Conan, who wrote and produced the iconic episode, to Buzzfeed. 

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