Mecca for Simpsons fans has arrived, no pilgrimage necessary. The utopian moments that is a 25-season marathon kicks off at 10 a.m. ET with the movie sandwiched in-between it all. It’s probably an irresponsible move from FXX, as you can pretty much guarantee some fantastic attention seeker will attempt to stay up for 12 days straight armed to the teeth with Mountain Dew and Cheetos (or Freetos) and inevitably perish.  

The SimpsonsThe Simpsons

You could try and play The Simpsons drinking game while attempting to stay up throughout the marathon, but considering that involves drinking every time Homer does, we can’t advise it on health grounds. Also, you’ll perish.

However you decide to watch it, and despite the latest seasons not meeting the ridiculously high standards set by the earlier ones, the marathon is a celebration of TV’s finest animation, which has been making fans laugh since December 1989 when the first episode aired. 

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"It's been a real struggle to keep a certain roughness and abruptness and jerkiness," Groening said in an interview about the show, via NPR. "Working on this show, our animators ... all bring their own attitude and aesthetic philosophy to the project, and it's been a real struggle to make sure that everybody gets in line and has the same vision, at least looking in the same direction."

The Simpsons paved the way for modern animations like South Park and Family Guy, which have moved towards a different level of satire surrounding American culture. And it’s with the latter that The Simpsons is soon to crossover with for a special episode. 

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On the upcoming Family Guy meets Simpsons ep, "Family Guy" producer Rich Appel spoke of the creative process. "We sent them the script, and I think between Jim [Brooks], Matt [Groening], and Al [Jean], they had one or two lines in the hour-long episode they asked us to tweak. They gave us free rein," he explained.