The 'Simpsons' have let us in on their festive couch gag, ahead of the show's special Christmas themed episode which airs on Fox this Sunday (December 7th). Fans of the series will certainly not be disappointed by the special opening, which references a little Disney movie that we hear is pretty popular.

The Simpsons'The Simpsons's' famous couch gets a Frozen makeover this Christmas

The entire opening sequence of the famous series has been given a Christmas makeover for the special episode, with Springfield shown covered in snow and Bart writing lines of ‘Reindeer does not taste like chicken’.

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We also see Maggie wearing elf ears, Bart trading in his skateboard for a snowboard, Homer throwing Otto a candy cane and Marge riding a sleigh all the way home.

Watch 'The Simpsons' 'Couch gag before Christmas' here:

But when the family return home the screen cuts to a message reading “Obligatory Frozen reference”, before showing Lisa as Princess Elsa sitting on a snow covered couch. As Bart hits her with a snowball Lisa uses her new found powers to create a giant ice palace, with Bart stuck at the top. Homer then puts in an appearance as Olaf who bites into his own nose, but is disappointed to learn it’s only a carrot.

The episode is the 561st edition of the long running series’ and the show’s 17th Christmas special. Entitled ‘I Won’t Be Home for Christmas’, it follows Homer, who after spending the night at Moe’s bar, is kicked out of the house by Marge and then takes a lonely Christmas walk through Springfield.

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‘I Won’t Be Home for Christmas’ airs on Fox this Sunday (December 7th).