Homer and Peter Griffin, Bart and Stewie, Marge and Lois, Lisa and Meg, Santa’s Little Helper and Brian; Simpsons and Family Guy fans alike have been pondering a universe in which these infamous animated character meet each other for years. 

The Simpsons Family Guy CrossoverDa da da... woah. Hang on. What?

Lucky, then, that The Griffins travel to Springfield and meet up with their opposite animated numbers. Get ready for a blast of self-referential comedy, industry banging and lively debate. 

The Simpsons – the longest-running sitcom and animated series in American history – and Family Guy – which has enjoyed a meteoric rise to animation royalty since its debut in 1999 – enjoy a cordial rivalry. The former relies on a wealth of characters while focussing on its titular family, while the latter employs surreal, often baffling digressions from a usually threadbare plot to create an atmosphere of uncertainty. 

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We were treated to an extended trailer at the recently departed Comic-Con. In it, the most anticipated of combinations - that of Homer and Peter - features prominently. It looks like we’ll get to experience the hapless pair in cahoots with each other for a portion of the episode (donuts seem to forge an irrevocable connection between the two) until those who wanted to see them warring get their jollies. And of course, a hyper-extended fight scene a-la Family Guy takes place. 

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The other key meeting is that of Bart and Stewie – the two mischievous minors are hell-bent on causing havoc, mainly for Bart’s perennial victim, Moe. “Check the stools, have we got a Lee Keybum?”. Stewie’s adorable pandering to Bart’s every whim – dressing like him and following him on a skateboard, not to mention the waist-banded handheld catapult – is sure to end like Homer and Peter’s relationship, though. Right? Watch the thing right here.

But what do you think? Are you happy with the union? Do you think the trailer looks good? Let us know with our poll below and add any other thoughts in the comments section!