Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, often lampooned on The Simpsons, has made a pitch for Springfield, MA to be selected as the the Simpsons' home town. Appearing in a five-minute video that serves as the city's entry in a contest being conducted by 20th Century Fox to select the Springfield where The Simpsons Movie will have a red-carpet premiere, Kennedy invites the cartoon family to visit Springfield, MA where, he says, they'll "be able to enjoy some real chow-dah." David Horgan, who produced the video, told the Boston Globe: "Kennedy is our ace in the hole. ... The Springfield in Ohio called and said, 'I heard you got Kennedy in your video.' I said, 'Yeah.' They said, 'It's all over.'" However, the Globe pointed out that the competition among the country's Springfields has been intense. It said that Springfield, MO used 15 film crews, 9,000 extras, and 1,440 doughnuts in its video.