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Not Everyone Is Convinced That Kylie Minogue Will Be A Successful Judge On 'The Voice'

Kylie Minogue Jessie J Tom Jones The Script Gary Barlow Nicole Scherzinger Sharon Osbourne

Kylie Minogue remains one of the biggest names in pop music today, with a back catalogue that most modern day pop starlets could only dream of for their future output. With this in mind, her appointment as a judge on the upcoming season of the BBC's The Voice looks as though it could be the coup of the TV talent shows, however not everyone is convinced that she'll make a convincing judge on the show.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie has been brought in to add some style to the talent show

Her credentials as a pop artist need no justifying, however her credentials as a presence on television will be seriously tested when she begins her new job sitting alongside Tom Jones, and whoever is brought in to replace the departing Danny O'Donoghue. She is my all means a much more popular entertainer compared to Jessie, and probably more so than some of the men that she is joining, but she enters the BBC series as an inexperienced TV presenter and may struggle to assert any kind of personality and endear herself to the audience. Either that, or she'll be a massive success and be loved by all.

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Bo Bruce Blames BBC For Preventing Danny O'Donoghue Hook Up

The Script Danny O'Donoghue Bo Bruce

Bo Bruce has attacked the BBC for driving the wedge between her and Donny O’Donoghue, denying The Voice finalist any chance of a relationship with her mentor from last year.

Bruce’s debut album launch took place in London last week, with the singer being signed off the back of the program, but she’s apparently gutted that she and The Script man weren’t able to take their relationship to the next level. “We were incredibly close and he’s a hot guy. It was a mad time and meeting someone under those circumstances is difficult” she told The Sun. “There was such an obsession with whether or not we were together and that put wild amounts of pressure on us” she added.

Continuing she said, “In the end a decision was made for him to not be around me. The process of writing my album Before I Sleep began when I was supposed to go with Danny to a Coldplay concert. It was meant to be an end-of-The-Voice present — for him and me. But he was told he was not allowed to, because he couldn’t be seen with me in public.” However, things didn’t turn out too bad. “I ended up not going with him but someone took pity on me and invited me to Coldplay’s box, with Coldplay’s agent, who then wanted to sign me” she said. “So although I said I have regrets about what happened, it led to so many other things.” Bruce’s album is released on April 29th, making her timing in coming out with this revelation pretty on the money indeed.

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Danny O'Donoghue And Jessie J Duel Over X Factor Reject On The Voice

The Script

Danny O’Donoghue’s a cocky feller you know, and he’s going  to come across even more cocky on this Saturday’s episode of The Voice in the UK, with The Script man arguing with Jesse J over a contestant who couldn’t even cut the mustard over on ITV’s X Factor.

That’s right, in a scene that’s probably more likely to undermine the quality of those entering the BBC reality singing contest than it is to boost any ratings, O’Donoghue tells X Factor 2011 contestant Lemuel Knights “I've been in the business 15, 16 years, The Script is just the tip of the iceberg. If you go into their teams, statistically you'd have a much worse chance of trying to get out of theirs than you would mine. I don't have any singer like you on my team.” We could construe that to mean that all of Danny’s singers are just a bit naff, but we won’t.

Anyway, as you can imagine Jessie ‘Keeping It Real’ J wasn’t too happy about Danny’s accusations – even though, really, he was surely tempting Knights over to the other teams. “That's not nice to put the singers down that you have taken through, who can sing like that” she fumed, as Will.I.Am chuckled and Tom Jones presumably pondered once again why the hell he was there and who these people he had to sit next to week after week were.

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Robbie Williams: Jessie J's Career Will Last 18 Months, Tops

Robbie Williams Take That Jessie J Tom Jones The Script

Robbie Williams battled to the No.1 spot with his new album Take The Crown on Sunday (November 11, 2012), though the Take That man had a few choice word for his chart rivals. Speaking on a Dutch television show, the 'Angels' hit-maker fired a barb at chart-topper Jessie J.

Asked about the Do It Like A Dude star, Robbie said, “She’s not gonna last for very long, though, is she? She’s great, Jessie. I give her 18 months,” according to The Sun. It seems he isn’t a fan of her reality show The Voice either. He said, “I don’t watch it. Sometimes it’s very difficult to go on the ‘emotional journey with the contestants’. I’m exhausted with how many times I’m to go on the emotional journey with this person who had a hard luck story and then da, da, da, da, blah, blah…I’m sure I’d be a good judge but no, I’ve got a career.” Ouch. We’re pretty sure the remarks won’t go down too well with Jessie’s fellow judges Tom Jones, and the other bloke from The Script either.

Robbie is actually at No.1 in both the singles and albums chart this week ('Candy' and Take The Crown), a feat he managed in 2001 when his single 'Something Stupid' reached the top-spot at the same time as his covers album Swing When You’re Winning.

Chart Topper: Psy Bags No.1 With ‘Gangnam Style’

Psy The Script Britney Spears Katy Perry Tom Cruise

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ has now reached the top of the UK charts. The novelty dance track became an online sensation, with over 334 million views on the YouTube site. And now, Sky News report that the track has found success offline, too. After breaking into the UK charts at number 37, the track has been steadily climbing the official UK chart, before being crowned number one in the UK.

The track’s creator, Psy, had said that he’d dance half naked if he reached the top of the US charts but he’s made no such promises for topping the UK’s equivalent. It was tough news for the Irish band The Script, who were forced into second place by the Korean rapper. The 34 year-old, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang may be a new name to most in the US and Europe but he’s already an established artist back home and has already released six album. He’s renowned for his humorous videos but he’s really hit the mark with ‘Gangnam Style’, which has spawned a series of spoof videos and has been shared online by the likes of Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Tom Cruise.

‘Gangnam Style’ has been in the news for less celebratory reasons too, though. A group of Californian lifeguards made their own version of the dance, which they named Lifeguard Style. After posting the video online, they were all promptly sacked by the council. Over 17,000 people have signed up to a Facebook group to support them and appeal for their reinstatement

Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show: How Did It Go Down On Twitter?

Nick Grimshaw Chris Moyles The Script Cheryl Cole David Guetta Jay Z Kanye West One Direction Niall Horan

Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 breakfast show appeared to get the thumbs up from younger listeners on Monday morning (September 24, 2012) after the 28-year-old made his debut on the station, taking over from Chris Moyles. One thing certainly evidenced during Grimshaw’s first outing was his music-driven schedule, playing more tracks in the first half-hour then Moyles would ordinarily have played in the first half of his popular show.

Manchester-born Grimshaw mainly played a mix of tracks already featuring on the Radio 1 playlist, including the current UK No.1 from The Script, though he also opted for hits by Cheryl Cole, David Guetta, Otto Knows and The Vaccines. It certainly looks as though Grimshaw and Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper are looking to tackle their target demographic of 15 to 29-year-old’s head on, and the DJ’s first track, ‘Nigg*s in Paris’ by Watch the Throne duo Jay Z and Kanye West, was perhaps a sign of things to come. The show appeared to go down well with early-bird Twitter users; one said, “I'm giving myself a headache because grimmers is so perfect?” while another offered, “I only listened to about 30mins of grimmers show this morn and I LOVED it!!! TeamGrimmers - Chris who???”. Even a couple of celebs got in on the act, with One Direction’s Niall Horan also approving of the new show, saying, “Go on grimmy! great show dude! grimmers, love the way the robot calls him grimey”.

Though Grimshaw has made a solid start, the listener figures will ultimately have the final say in his success, or failure.

The Script - Danny O'Donoghue of The Script Friday 7th September 2012 Amanda Byram & The Script were guests on the 'Dermot & Dave Show' on 98FM

The Script

The Script - Danny O'Donoghue - The Script Friday 7th September 2012 Celebrities outside the Today FM studios

The Script

Kim Lee, Danny Trejo, FBI and The Script Thursday 29th September 2011 Kim Lee leaves The Newsroom on Robertson Boulevard with the script for The Dead Cage after meeting with director Chris Marazzo. Kim has been given a role in the film, which will also star Danny Trejo, as an undercover FBI Agent, who poses as a stripper. Los Angeles, California

Kim Lee, Danny Trejo, Fbi and The Script

The Script, Interview

Dublin pop rockers The Script have had a stellar but short musical career in the past two years; both of their albums having made it to the top of the UK charts and having had immense success in the US. Frontman Danny O'Donoghue talks to us about the UK Tour they are about to embark on and what the bands plans are for the future.

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The Script - Monday 13th September 2010 at Hammersmith Apollo London, England

The Script

The Script Tuesday 16th December 2008 at the o2 Dublin for the Cheerios Childline concert Dublin, Ireland

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