Review of Opus Album by The Score

Review of The Score's album Opus.

The Score Opus Album

The Score release 'Opus', after working with various artists including Amy Winehouse the group have wetted the appetites of many people. This group consist of two English guys and three Americans. In fact they came together on tour and realised a group was in the making. Writing, producing and performing all the music themselves one has to give them credit but is the album as good as the some of its parts?

Straight away with The Score we're taken back to that 80's nostalgia of street soul and 80's groove, even the artwork on the cover has that feel. There was some great music that came out of that time and the vibe is all about sweet sensitive emotion. The Score can sing and are expressing homage to their influences well and with respect. 'Chew Chew Train' sounds good as a cool sexy soul number with nice bass grooves and good harmonies. 'Flash' has got some great parts in it and reminds me of Cameo although the lyrics are pretty naff. 'Get Close' is a well worked soul number although the cover of The Police's 'Roxanne' is completely missing the blues, the whole purpose of the track, so doesn't work.

'Opus' isn't a bad album but It's not saying much either. At first listen it radiated the good sounds of soul that we got down to in the 80's but after a few listens made me think maybe there's a lack of substance. These guys obviously have talent but seem to be missing the 'opus' of the times and lacking any hip hop sentiment so for me are missing the genuine need for soul in our current time. A pretty decent creative project but they seem to have fallen a little short here.

Tareck Ghoneim

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