Review of Songs of Prey Album by The Scaramanga Six

Review of Scaramanga Six's album Songs Of Prey

The Scaramanga Six Songs of Prey Album

Six albums and ten years in, it must be just another day's work for The Scaramanga Six, the last lone survivors. And you've got to hand it to them for even still existing. They're probably not the most obvious candidates for such a long career, having achieved neither global success nor massive acclaim. But their bloody minded independence has given them this odd sticking power, and so they release Songs of Prey.

So it may surprise you to know that it's really not bad. The key thing is with this band is that they've never taken themselves too seriously. The pompous, blown-up music/lyrics are complemented by Paul and Steven's deadpan delivery, so it never becomes too overbearing to listen to. They pack a strong punch of wailing crescendos ('Self Destruct') and sweeping harmonies ('Hole in My Emotion') that deliver swiftly to the gut.

In a nutshell, The Scaramanga Six are doing what they've always done best. If you're looking for subtle nuances or minimalism you should probably go elsewhere. But if you want straight up, out and proud rock, then look no further.

Natalie Kaye

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