Review of Girls and Boys in Love Single by The Rumble Strips

The Rumble Strips
Girls and Boys in Love
Single Review

The Rumble Strips Girls and Boys in Love Single

Lady's and gentlemen, Get Ready To Rumble! A bouncy brand of acoustic guitar, piano, sax and trumpet, is about to be unearthed. Following on from Motorcycle, the innovators, otherwise known as The Rumble Strips, release a high-spirited and entirely original track.

"Girls and Boys In Love" is a ska propelled contemporary love song. Starting like something out of a romantic comedy; bubbly and with a spring in its step, then developing into a juicy upbeat pop track, finishing with a toe-tapping instrumental. Plenty of hand clapping, tambourines, acoustic guitar, piano and harmonic singing combine to make a truly brilliant song, with a pop essence.

As always Charlie's vocals steal the limelight; a radiant well-pitched vocal texture and entirely original tone.

The Tavistock men and their build of sax and trumpet are here to stay.


Daniel Black

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