Review of Welcome To The Walk Alone Album by The Rumble Strips

Review of The Rumble Strips album Welcome To The Walk Alone

The Rumble Strips Welcome To The Walk Alone Album

Rumble Strip, according to a certain free encyclopaedia, these are continuous lines of bumps on the road, which while nearly falling asleep on the motorways you drive over and they give you a kick up the arse and tell you it's time for a 'welcome break' Is this really where this Devonshire quintet got their name from?? Then again who cares?

The Rumble Strips are set to release their second album titled 'Welcome To The Walk Alone' which has been two years waiting since the release of their debut album. Now it's time to find out how The Rumble Strips have got on with the 'difficult second album'

The band start off with the album title track and they seem to have upped their game and added more in the way of the orchestral feeling sound that they have. 'Welcome To The Walk Alone' the music is roaring up like a tidal wave, but then somehow vanishing in an instance. The one thing that does stand out on this album is Charlie Waller's vocals, he just sounds on top of his game without doubt.

It seems that everyone wants a piece of London and The Rumble Strips carry on the trend with a track named...

...yep you got it in one 'London' and like the exciting lights, busy lifestyle and great music venues, this song is just like that. 'London' is full of high energy, fast and filled with sunshine, a bit like the weather we have been enjoying here in the UK. With the next three tracks the band seem to relax things a little in the shape of 'Not The Only Person' 'Daniel' and 'Douglas' then they hit you again with 'Back Bone', more excitement.

The one thing about The Rumble Strips is that they are different, and they are proud of that and 'Raindrops' portrays what this lot are about perfectly and the only way to find out what, is to listen to it. The album finishes off with 'Happy Hell' which is a bit like a western go cowboy song. This band are bizarre but in a good way.

The Rumble Strips are a breath of fresh air that aren't pinned down to any genre. Give your ears a break from your normal music and give these fella's a blast, you won't regret it.

Mark Moore

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