The Roots star Ahmir '?Uestlove' Thompson's very first Grammy Award is held together with superglue after he accidentally broke it in half.
The critically-acclaimed drummer earned the accolade in 1999 for You Got Me, the hip-hop group's duet with soul star Erykah Badu and rapper Eve.
Thompson kept the award hidden away from view after damaging the prestigious prize, and it wasn't until recently that he decided to fix the problem so he could proudly display the honour alongside the trio of Grammys he won earlier this year (11).
He tells, "My Grammy was broken in two pieces and always a fixture on my toilet, simply because I was self-defeating and thought it would never happen in this lifetime again. Now that I have an additional three, I've invested in some Krazy Glue and a relocation to the living room."
The Roots scored gold at the 2011 Grammy Awards for their collaborative work with John Legend on the 2010 album Wake Up!.