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The Rifles
No Love Lost
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The Rifles No Love Lost Album

Make no mistake about it, The Rifles are so amazingly 'now', that by the time you've finished reading this sentence, they might just be yesterday. They totally embody that quirky, guitar pop sound with regional vowels thing made so popular by the Arctic Monkeys, except that The Rifles are south of the Watford gap with their leanings. You can imagine them sitting with the record company in marketing meetings, with both parties praying to whatever god they serve that The Rifles will indeed be the next great hope for NME readers.

In terms of sound, there is something strange going on at times though with this album. Just when as a listener you have settled into a comfortable zone where you understand that The Rifles are simply the Jam with no passion e.g. on 'Local Boy', they come over all Editors on 'One Night Stand'. Even the vocals change in terms of accent, which sadly leads to the conclusion that the 'cock-er-nee' vowels are affected.

This bad taste of incoherence lingers in the mouth for the whole album really, as if in their desire to be the next big Brit indie gods, they've tried to cover all the bases in one album. Rather strange.

Rich Edge

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