The guitarist sold out the show last year (14) and word spread quickly about his jazz combo, and now Summers is considering a massive Chinese tour.

He tells WENN, "I was playing jazz, some festivals and I did actually play a club in Shanghai not too long ago and we just ripped the place apart. It was amazing, so now I'm getting offered all these other clubs in China!"

He thinks his success in China has something to do with the fact his former band is still hugely popular there: "I went to west China, to Yunnan Province and I walk into the hotel lobby and they're playing The Police. I don't know if it's Sting's vocals and the cleanness to the sound, but we've sort of stayed right there in the fabric."

Summers' new-found love for China has also led him to a new friendship with saxophonist and film composer John Altman, and now the two are working on an unlikely jazz combo.

The guitarist explains, "He's a very good jazz player, so we've got a little band we call The Pearls of Wisdom. Now the word is getting out, accidentally, and we've been offered all these jazz festivals in Europe; one this November for a top slot, so I'm thinking about it."