A Pogues fan is trying to get in contact with the man who may have saved his life at a gig on July 5. When Andrew Plank collapsed with a heart attack while watching the Celtic punk-rock legends played in Hyde Park, he probably didn’t expect a fellow audience member to leap to his assistance.

Shane MacGowenShane MacGowen of The Pogues performs at Hyde Part as part of the British Summertime Festival (Getty 2014/Tristan Fewings)

But, luckily for Mr. Plank, he was in the vicinity of a CPR-trained Pogues fan; one, who despite the raucous atmosphere, was sharp enough to administer the treatment that in all probability saved his life.  

The Pogues have also sent their best wishes to Mr Plank. Posting on Twitter the band said: “The Pogues want to send out good wishes to the young man who had to be pulled from the crowd last night. Thinking of him & wishing him well.”

His nephew-in law, Lloyd Smith, told The Irish Post how he now wants to meet the fan that saved his life so he can say thanks in person. Mr Smith said: “Andrew is my wife’s uncle, who she’s very close to. He  travelled up to London for the Pogues on Saturday and had a heart attack at the front of the crowd during the gig.

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“From what we’ve been told by the hospital, there  was a stranger in the crowd who performed CPR for 10 minutes and it’s down to the fact that he performed CPR that we’ve still got my wife’s uncle. His heart stopped for those 10 minutes but thanks to this bloke the paramedics were able to revive him.

“So obviously we’re very keen to just do as much as we can to reach out to this stranger and to say thank you and express our gratitude to this amazing person. There’s not many people who are confident enough in a practice scenario to do CPR, let alone be in a festival scenario where they’ve possibly had a drink or two, are having a good time, and then all of a sudden this event happens. To be able to act selflessly, immediately, is just incredible."