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The Pipettes
Pull Shapes
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The Pipettes Pull Shapes Single

Ok, admittedly on upon first hearing this track I thought that I had somehow been accidentally sent a song from soundtrack of Grease – the one that didn't make it. However, I gave it a second chance and eventually let my head bob along in time to the easy listening tune.

Pull Shapes is a chirpy, cheerful, harmless track that if discovered by DJ Dave and his traveling disco, will be played at most wedding receptions across the country, with everyone from dear old Aunty Mavis to the uninvited children your distant cousin, pulling ridiculously obscure poses every time the title line is used.

Unsurprisingly, the girls in the group look and dress like 1960's do-woppers complete with headbands, polka dot dresses and sensible hairdo's, which I suppose gives it that authentic touch whereas the boys stay more modern.

It's a fun single to listen to not to be taken too seriously.

Leah Vigon

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