Review of Earth Vs The Pipettes Album by The Pipettes

The Pipettes are a band to be questioned in many ways. First, they are not your typical band in the fact that they don't stick to the general ....., secondly they were set up by Brighton's strange act, Monster Bobby and third, not one of the original line up still exists. Luckily for them they far exceed Monster Bobby (although he does play in the backing band), but can they still really be The Pipettes? Well, whatever the consensus on this, they are back with their second album. or is this their first? Confusing!

The Pipettes Earth Vs The Pipettes Album

Now just a duo with 'The Cassettes' as their backing band, there are twelve new tracks to put to the test.

As with most bands at the moment, the sound has a very 80's electronic synthesised sound to it. Essentially this album is grown up cheesy pop, so it's a bit of fun, which lacks any real meaning as to why it is there.

Tracks are all fast paced with a beat, and annoyingly you kind of think you could find yourself singing, and then you stop!

'Ain't No Talkin' could possibly have been done in something like High School Musical. It conjures up images of those American preppy guys dancing around with jazz hands. 'I Vibe You' is not only a cringe worthy title for a track, but the chorus has a slight familiarity to it. The Conga!

Overall maybe keeping The Pipettes going (minus the real Pipettes), doesn't have that much significance. But if you don't mind singing along to an album with a slight identity crisis, then this is for you.

Laura Johnstone


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