Review of Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge Album by The Pierces

The Pierces
Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge
Album Review

The Pierces Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge Album

Allison and Catherine Pierce are Alabama-bred and based in New York City. They are pretty photogenic, and one of the duo is stepping out with one of the Strokes, so they are guaranteed a fair amount of exposure. They also have a novelty single, in Boring, that attempts to skewer modern culture. While the music often comes across as a bit Eurovision, or a bit Katie Melua, the lyrics are deadpan sharp and wry. That is probably the only theme across the album - the music is all over the place, from Girls Aloud pop to Abba to Joanna Newsom.

This isn't a demanding album to listen to, but its depths are there for exploration - it is better than the output of almost any single female singer-songwriter. The two sisters, who both write and play, come across as remarkably self-assured, confident and witty, and their harmonies are sweet, country-tinged and astonishingly mature. Thirteen Tales is a great noughties disc - eclectic, knowing and post-modern.


Mike Rea

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