The cast and crew behind classic horror movie The Omen couldn't escape the film's legendary curse while they were remaking the movie in Italy - a pivotal scene featuring the discovery of creepy character DAMIEN's 666 'tattoo' was mysteriously wiped from a film reel. Director JOHN MOORE spent a day shooting Liev Schreiber's character uncovering the eerie birthmark in his devil spawn son - only for the footage to later disappear. The movie-maker says, "One day we shot the scene whereby the THORNE character (Schreiber) cuts the child's hair and finally reveals the mark of the beast and realises his son is the son of the devil. "That scene also involved a choreographed fight with Mia Farrow (character). It was a tough day's work." But somehow the footage was lost as the labatory used to process the scenes mysteriously destroyed 13,500 feet (4,114 metres) of film. Moore adds, "The worst the lab and the collective crew ever heard of is losing a roll, which is 400 feet. The guys in the lab were in tears. They had no explanation." The original 1976 movie, which starred Gregory Peck and Lee Remick, was dogged by odd and tragic occurences throughout the filming, which peaked when an animal trainer was killed in an ape frenzy scene.