The Notorious B.I.G has received a 'Twitter Tribute' from his friend and colleague P Diddy on the fourteenth anniversary of his death.
The Notorious B.I.G, the American rapper who was shot and killed in Los Angeles on 9th March 1997, is being remembered 14 years after death, reports rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, was gunned down whilst his vehicle waited at a traffic light. P Diddy, aka Sean Combs, was riding in the car behind 'Biggy's' when the gunman struck. Speaking on his twitter page today, the music mogul encouraged followers to begin sharing memories of the rapper using the hashtag 'Biggieday'. He added, "Today is Biggieday - send me all your videos, links, photos, exclusive content...All things Biggie so I can RT to the world". Lil Kim, the 35-year-old American rapper, paid tribute to the legendary MC during an interview with MTV News, saying, "Biggie taught me a lot of things that I will keep in a very sacred place. He is the one who basically let me know that somebody's always watching you".
The Notorious B.I.G's second solo album 'Life after Death' was released two weeks after he was killed and it sold more than 10 million copies. His murder has remained unsolved.