Fifteen years after he was shot down, information on a post-mortem that has been kept private until now has revealed new information on the late rapper the Notorious BIG has been made public for the first time.

The new information into the death of Biggie Smalls reveals that he died when a single bullet pierced his left lung, heart and colon - of course this new information fails to give any insight into who Biggie's unknown assailant is. The 23-page document also confirms that no drugs nor alcohol were present in his body at the time of his death as well as detailing the trajectory of the shots that hit him.

The unsolved case has been the centre of controversy ever since the homicide was committed, which at the time prompted a nationwide manhunt from police and federal agents. Numerous conspiracy theories having sprung up about the death of the rapper, real name Christopher Wallace, including many linking his death with fellow rapper Tupac Shakur's death. One such theory suggests their deaths were engineered by Death Row Records co-founder Marion ‘Suge’ Knight in order to appear as the result of a fictitious feud between the two, although songs like 'Who Shot Ya' and 'Hit Em Up' would suggest the feud wasn't exactly fictitious.