The children of the late rapper Notorious BIG are working alongside the Ossian Studios production company to bring their father back to life as a cartoon ghost. In a series entitled The House of Wallace, Biggie’s kids, CJ and T’yanna Wallace will also feature in the animated series, with their father appearing in ethereal form, to provide them with advice, as they go, the Guardian reports.

The House of Wallace will be based in Notorious BIG’s recording studio. “It's been 16 years since our dad was murdered and we miss him dearly," said the Wallace kids. "This project … is a great opportunity for us to bridge the gap between our parents, who loved his music, and the kids and young adults our ages, that were not around to really appreciate it.” According to the report, the animated series will also feature a number of musical guests and will feature original songs, as well as a number of product placements, along the way. It’s unclear what kind of brands will benefit from this alignment with the Wallace family, as Ossian Studios are still very much at the development stages with the work.

Notorious BIG
Notorious BIG waxwork: the rapper will now come back in cartoon form, too

In a press release, the studio’s president, Wally Eltawashy, said “Some of the world's greatest talents [will] lend their voices and abilities to some of the world's best-known brand names.” He added that the “creative format will allow for advertising integration in the truest, purest sense of the term. This could well be the very first animated programme to incorporate creative shops (and their brand partners) directly into the narrative."