Rap icon The Notorious B.I.G. has had new light shone on to his death after a police autopsy report gave new insight into his death by drive-by shooting fifteen years ago, revealing the trajectory of the bullets which ended his life.

Whilst this new information may offer some solace to some fans, Biggie's family are up in arms about the revelation as they were assured that the case had been solved, however now it seems as though police are still without a lead despite a decade and a half worth of investigations. The family's lawyer, Perry Sanders, issued a statement to AFP on Friday to lament that nobody has been arrested over the 1997 killing, despite the fact that police assured the family that the unknown assailant had been captured.

Sanders told AFP in an emailed statement, "The family has been advised that the murder has been solved, and they are hurt and disgusted by the fact that no one has been arrested. This is a horrible miscarriage of justice."

The autopsy report also reveals that at the time of the shooting Biggie, real name Christopher Wallace, was clear of both alcohol or drugs in his system, and was hit by four bullets - although only one proved to be the kill shot, piercing his heart and other organs.

Wallace was killed only months after the death of fellow rapper Tupac Shakur, with the two hip hop artists embroiled in a bitter rivalry that many have blamed for the eventual deaths of the rappers. Both Biggie and Tupac's killers remain at large.