Last week, after fifteen years in police custody, the autopsy report into the death of the late rapper the Notorious BIG was made public for the first time. Now, the Los Angeles Police Department have issued an apology to the family of Biggie Smalls, real name Christopher Wallace, after it emerged that they were unaware and unwilling to have the details made public in the first place.

Biggie's family were allegedly unaware that the medical report detailing the rapper's cause of death in 1997 was set to be made public last week, and as you can imagine they were less than happy when such intimate details were laid bare for all to see. LAPD had allegedly intended to notify the rapper's family about the unveiling, but according to a public statement released yesterday (Dec 8) the report was released prematurely "due to an administrative error."

The report revealed that Wallace was shot multiple times, however it was one fatal shot his heart, left lung and colon that caused his death. The report also reveals that at the time of his death the rapper was not under the influence of either drugs nor alcohol.

Biggie's death came just months after the death of fellow rapper Tupac Shakur who was also gunned down by a drive-by assassin. The deaths of the two rappers have since been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories, with the two rappers figureheads in the West Coast-East Coast rivalry which ravaged the rap scene in the 1990s. Both of the rapper's assailants are still at large.