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The National
Apartment Story
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The National Apartment Story Single

With the stunning Boxer sure to appear on many critics' and fans' Album Of The Year lists over the next few weeks it's a good time to remember why; despite being one of the less impressive cuts from the record 'Apartment Story' remains a superior chunky autumnal feast with Matt Berninger's laconic mumble a little more coherent than usual over a relentless snare-fest of a beat. As he proposes a spot of hibernation ("sleep in our clothes and wait for winter to leave... we'll;stay inside til somebody finds us, do whatever the TV tells us") it's all the listener can do to find an oversized jumper, a big pair of socks and turn the thermostat up. A woozy weekend of a song, it's nonetheless matched by the band's poignantly folky live rendition of Bruce Springsteen's 'Mansion On The Hill' which occupies the B-side. It's the sound of a band finding its place in the world and genuinely affecting, confirming their status as one of the best acts around at the moment.

Owen Lloyd

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