Review of You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me EP Single by The Music

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1. The Music You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me EP (12" - Hut)
You should be pleased with yourself if you were one of the lucky few who got their hands on the severely limited Oasis tickets for last months Shepherds Bush shows. Not because you got to see Oasis - they were about as exciting as a night round at Richard and Judys but because you will have witnessed one of the most breathtaking debut performances of the year.
Playing their first London gig, four seventeen/eighteen year olds with more energy, persona and stage presence than five hundred Gallaghers ripped the venue apart with the most amazing Led Zepplin/Stone Roses psychedelic rock/funk you are ever likely to hear.
The CD may not be able to convey what was happening on that stage but all the same it spells out a future as bright the one experienced by the band they were supporting. As an ep its more rock than dance and should see even the most stalwart dance fans widening their musical vocabulary in the coming months.