The Muppets are back with a global-wide follow-up to their self-titled 2011 movie entitled 'The Muppets. Again!'.

The Muppets Go Underground!

You heard right, we have yet another great movie coming up from these amazing characters brought us by Disney. Following the Oscar winning success of 'The Muppets' in 2011 which starred Jason Segel ('How I Met Your Mother') and Amy Adams ('Enchanted'), it's sequel 'The Muppets. Again!' will be released in cinemas everywhere on March 21st 2014. It sees Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and friends on a worldwide journey touring the likes of London, Berlin and Madrid and selling out some of the biggest theatres across Europe. However, they soon run into trouble when they unknowingly get mixed up in a major international crime ring controlled by the formidable Constantine (played by the hilarious Ricky Gervais of 'The Office', 'Extras' and 'Derek' fame) and his assistant Dominic. 

The Muppets & Ricky Gervais

The movie, which will also star Ty Burrell ('Modern Family') and Tina Fey ('30 Rock'), has been directed by James Bobin ('Flight of the Conchords,' 'Da Ali G Show') who has shown much enthusiasm with being brought in for the sequel. 'It's great to be back working with the Muppets', he said. 'Some of them even remember my name occasionally now. As for the movie, it's a tip of the hat to the old-school crime capers of the '60s, but featuring a frog, a pig, a bear and a dog - no panthers, even pink ones - along with the usual Muppet-y mix of mayhem, music and laughs.'

Filming began in London last week and Kermit the Frog feels more than confident that it will be a success. 'This movie takes us places we've never been before. And trust me-this frog has never seen so much international flavour. I think audiences will eat it up-the entertainment, that is', he said'.