The Monkees were planning a new tour before Davy Jones died.

The 'Daydream Believer' hitmakers' 45th anniversary tour was cut short last year amid rumours of infighting but Peter Tork has revealed he and Davy - who died of a heart attack aged 66 on wednesday (29.02.12) - had been discussing going back on the road again.

Peter told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Before this terrible news Davy and I were emailing each other so we could make the new tour happen.

''We were looking forward to more tours. But those won't happen - at least not with Davy.''

Peter last saw Davy during the band's final gig last summer and says the rest of the tour was cancelled ''because of a glitch in our business department''.

He added: ''I said, 'Goodbye, I'll see you later.' ''

Peter has admitted it now ''doesn't seem very likely'' the group will play together again but would consider a tribute show for Davy if bandmates Michael Nesmith - who has not performed with The Monkees since 1997 - and Micky Dolenz would take part.

He told ''It's not absolutely impossible. The Monkees have gone out as a threesome for most of the past 20-some years. But there are no plans, no discussion. This is way too early to begin to think about that. ''Certainly if there's some kind of concert in his honour, I think we would all attend if we could arrange it.''