The Monkees star Peter Tork has accepted the blame for the band's last reunion tour ending in a mess of arguments and disagreements, insisting it will be better this time around.
Tork, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones stunned the music world last month (Feb11) when they announced they'd be reuniting for a 2011 tour, because their last get together in 2001 ended in disaster.
Tork quit after a string of disagreements over his bandmates' alleged heavy drinking, and Jones and Dolenz insisted they would never share a stage again.
But 10 years later, the trio has put its differences aside and Tork, Jones and Dolenz are now on friendly terms.
Tork tells he was a big part of why the last reunion tour was a mess.
He explains, "We were getting along pretty well until I had a meltdown. I ticked (annoyed) the other guys off good and proper and it was a serious mistake on my part. I was not in charge of myself to the best of my ability, the way I hope I have become since. I really just behaved inappropriately, honestly. I apologised to them."
And Tork admits his comments about Dolenz and Jones' drinking was embellished, adding, "I'm sure it (alcohol) played a part, but I cannot honestly say it was anything more than a very slight part. It could have been very, very minor. But the main thing was that I had a meltdown and I messed up."
However, Tork hasn't gone into details about what prompted his meltdown.