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The Original Misfits Reunite After 30 Years For Riot Fest 2016

It's finally happening; the original members of the Misfits Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, along with their longest-running guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, are set to reunite for the first time since they split in...

Glenn Danzig Accused Of Injuring Fan

The Misfits founder, who enforces a strict no photos rule at his shows, allegedly yelled at audience member Neil Dalton for trying to take snaps on his cell phone during the gig in...

Actress Lauren Socha Is Broke

The BAFTA Award-winning Misfits star reportedly suffered a career slump following her conviction for racially abusing a taxi driver in 2011, and she was plunged into financial turmoil. Socha is now taking...

Black Flag Star Dez Cadena Battling Cancer

The singer and guitarist, who has performed with Black Flag, the Misfits, Redd Kross and Flag, has just completed a course of radiation treatment, and friends and family have launched a GoFundMe pledge...

Glenn Danzig's Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Dismissed

The Misfits founder Glenn Danzig's trademark infringement lawsuit against former bandmate Jerry Only has been thrown out of court.The rocker filed a complaint against bassist Only and his company Cyclopian Music Inc. with the California...

Glenn Danzig Sues Former Bandmate For Trademark Infringement

The Misfits founder Glenn Danzig has hit his former bandmate Jerry Only with a trademark infringement lawsuit over rights to a merchandising deal.The rocker filed a complaint with the California Central District on 3 April...

The Cbgb Music And Film Festival Is Back For 2013 Bigger And Better Than Ever Before!

Almost like the SXSW Festival of New York, the CBGB festival will return this year with an impressive 700 artists in 150 venues across the state, plus 40 movie premieres from October 9th - 13th....

Ray Davies Pretends To Be Damon

Ray Davies claims to be Damon Albarn when people recognise him in the street. The Kinks singer and guitarist tries to fool people into thinking he is actually the singer from Blur - whom he...

The Avengers Is Now Disney's Top Film Ever

The Avengers set yet another record over the weekend. With $55.6 million in domestic ticket sales, it lifted its total to $457.7 million, while its worldwide earnings rose to nearly $1.2 billion -- making it...

Movie Reviews The Pirates! Band Of Misfits

The unlikely winner of the award for best-reviewed movie of the weekend is Aardman Animation's The Pirates! Band of Misfits . Of the major critics, only Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel sends it to...

Chelsea Handler Has 'Real' Friends

Chelsea Handler values "realness" in her friends.The talk show host insists her close pals Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are very down-to-earth and she would never treat them differently because of their fame.She said: "Jennifer...

Monroe Fantasised About Being Spanked By Daddy Gable

Late screen siren MARILYN MONROE fantasised about being spanked and cuddled by movie legend CLARK GABLE - because she was desperate for him to be her adopted father. THE MISFITS was Gable and Monroe's...

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