The Lord Of The Rings hunk Orlando Bloom's bedroom technique failed to impress sexy actress MADDY FORD.

Orlando was working on forthcoming British movie The Calcium Kid in London when the sexy blonde took his fancy.

But when the 26-year-old star finally bedded Maddy, it finished too quickly for her.

She tells British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD, "It was all over in a flash. I thought it would be an epic night but Orlando was only interested in pleasing himself.

"Don't get me wrong. Having sex with him was great. It's not every day you get to sleep with the most beautiful man in the world, but I just wish it had lasted a bit longer.

"But a few days later I got a card from him. It said, 'To Maddy, thanks for being one of Jimmy's bird, x.'

"I thought it was a lovely gesture. Fame has changed Orlando, but deep down he's a really lovely guy."

07/12/2003 14:18