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The Lonely Island is a group of American comedians. The lineup of the group consists of Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg. They have become best known for their parodies of popular musical genres and rose to fame once they caught the attention of Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels.

The Early Years: The three main members of The Lonely Island grew up in Berkeley, California, where they met at high school. They took an early interest in R&B and hip-hop. Taccone's first ever concert was Keith Sweat and Boyz II Men. All three members of Lonely Island went to different universities once they had graduated from high school. Once they had all graduated, they were reunited and moved to Los Angeles. The name Lonely Island comes from the name they gave to their humble apartment that they rented in LA.

Once in LA, they started making videos with Chester Tam, known as Chez and Jonah Goldstein. They run a website which hosts a number of their podcasts and video skits, which often feature their friends, such as Asa Taccone, Kal Penn and Brandon Routh.

One of The Lonely Island's first comedy projects was an eponymously-titled sitcom. One of the two episodes made featured a cameo appearance from Brooke Shields. During the filming of one of the episodes, Keifer Sutherland got out of his car to interrupt what he thought was elderly woman being attacked in real life. They also filmed a parody of Vanilla Sky, as well as a number of sketches, including 'The Legend of Ander Pants' and 'The Backseatsman'.

Breakthrough & Success: Using the name Incredibad, The Lonely Island recorded a number of comedy hip-hop songs, with titles such as 'Just 2 Guyz' and 'Stork Patrol'. They also released a collection of these tracks on a compilation entitled Please, Incredibad, Don't Hurt 'Em (a reference to MC Hammer's almost identically titled album). The group was applauded for their accurate replication of different periods of hip-hop.

They went on to parody the popular US TV show The O.C. Their take on the show was named The 'Bu and featured a talking squirrel as well as the actress Sarah Chalke (of Scrubs). Eight episodes were shown on the internet site Channel 101.

The Fox TV network commissioned The Lonely Island to create a pilot for Awesometown, a new comedy sketch program. Fox rejected the content, as did MTV when The Lonely Island remade the pilot for them. The MTV pilot featured Jack Black.

However, The Lonely Island were asked to write some of Jimmy Fallon's script for the MTV Movie Awards. Fallon was impressed with the trio and alerted Lorne Michaels (the producer of Saturday Night Live) to their work. Samberg was the first member of the trio to audition and become a cast member, followed by Schaffer and Taccone, who were invited onto the writing team.

The Lonely Island filmed a spoof lettuce commercial and showed it to Michaels, unsure whether or not he would agree to have pre-recorded material on the show. Michaels liked the skit and it led to the 'Digital Shorts' series aired on Saturday Night Live. Many of the skits have proven hugely popular on the internet, especially 'Dick In A Box' starring Justin Timberlake, 'I'm On A Boat' (with T-Pain) and 'Natalie's Rap', with Natalie Portman.

The MacGruber skit is also very popular, with Will Forte playing a MacGyver parody.

The Lonely Island's debut Incredibad album is entitled Incredibad and was released in February 2009 on Universal Republic Records.

Samberg starred in the film Hot Rod, in a role originally intended for Will Ferrell. The film was released in August 2007 (at the same time as The Bourne Ultimatum) and performed badly at the box office, barely covering the cost of making the film. Samberg has also appeared in the Arrested Development series as well as the film I Love You, Man alongside Jason Segel and Paul Rudd.

Schaffer has directed music videos for We Are Scientists, a group known for their sense of humour.

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The Lonely Island Has Started Shooting Its Very Own Movie

Andy Samberg The Lonely Island

From humble beginnings as three giggling high school students, comedic trio The Lonely Island has shot to the ultimate big time as Universal Pictures announced production has begun on a feature-length Lonely Island movie.

The Lonely IslandComedy trio The Lonely Islandare heading to the big screen

Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie will be set in the world of music and will, of course, star creators Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone.

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The Lonely Island Are Finally Making A Movie With Judd Apatow Producing

The Lonely Island Andy Samberg Judd Apatow

It was bound to happen eventually – The Lonely Island are getting their own movie. The comedians, who got their start making funny and mildly offensive youtube videos are now collaborating with Judd Apatow on a full-length feature. The trio have come a long way since their first videos – so far they have three excellent comedy albums and have done some memorable work for shows like Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn 9-9.

The Lonely Island
The Lonely Island - Andy Samberg [l], Jorma Taccone [m] and Akiva Shaffer [m] are back with a bigger project than ever before.

Soon, longtime fans – who are not all frat boys, we’re sure – will be able to see the trio on the big screen, in their own production. The trio have already done some film work in the past, starting with 2007’s cult comedy Hot Rod.

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A Lonely Island Movie Is Heading Our Way

The Lonely Island Andy Samberg

Best known for their appearences on US comedy variety show Saturday Night Live, the musical trio have released three studio albums featuring scores of celebrity guests and countless hilarious 'video shorts'.

Lonely Island
The band will no doubt be getting up to crazy hijinks, but what will the soundtrack be like?

Now the band, consisting of childhood friends Andy SambergJorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, are going to star in and produce a film for Universal Studios. Veteren comedy director/producer Judd Apatow will also produce, whilst Taccone and Schaffer will co-direct. 

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Video - The Lonely Island Comedy Band Talk Friendships And Collaborations In An Interview On New Album 'The Wack Album'

Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg of comedy band The Lonely Island discuss their new album 'The Wack Album' which features celebrity collaborations with Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar.

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James Franco And Zach Galifianakis Pound Shots And Plan Weddings In New Lonely Island Video

James Franco Zach Galifianakis The Lonely Island

James Franco, Zach Galifianakis and Edward Norton teamed up with online comedians The Lonely Island for their latest video, Spring Break Anthem. The Lonely Island trio are currently in the midst of promoting their upcoming release, The Wack Album and have promised audiences a video every Wednesday until the official release date. Spring Break Anthem made for a great kickoff to the festivities and a seasonally appropriate as well, what with students the world over currently hitting the beach. This is exactly the theme of the video as well – booze, babes and… same sex weddings.

Yep. The Lonely Island’s particular brand of crude humor got everyone once again, with lyrics that go “Bros before h**s and chicks with no clothes on/ Slammin’ shots and marry a man.” You have to admire TLI’s commitment to being offensive to every demographic, without actually offending anyone, though. Plus, the video is colorful and fast enough to make you forget the lack of any actual point - as with most of the comedians' content. Plus, James Franco is exactly on cue for this, having recently starred in the neon-toned Harmony Korine romp Spring Breakers. So you should probably watch the video below. It’s funny, it’s… almost kind of witty, but most of all, we’re (along with the entire internet) are just glad The Lonely Island guys are back.

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The Lonely Island's New Song - Yolo, Features Adam Levine And Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Kendrick Lamar Adam Levine The Lonely Island

They do satire and they seemingly do it perfectly. Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, aka The Lonely Island presented their latest twist on modern culture, reversing the meaning of YOLO to heed caution against, well, everything.

Although Andy Samberg has left Saturday Night Live, his return, alongside his cronies to premiere their latest project was welcome. Since then, and at the time of writing, the video has accumulated 8,677,972 hits on YouTube and shooting to the top of the iTunes Top 10 Comedy Songs chart.

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Adam Samberg Signs For Upcoming FOX Cop Comedy

Andy Samberg The Lonely Island

Funnyman Adam Samberg has agreed to star in the pilot for a potential new show to be shown on FOX, working with the Parks and Recreation writing team of Mike Schur and Dan Goor on the project, reports Broadway World.

The Lonely Island and former SNL star has agreed to be a part of the still-untitled show, which will see Samberg star as lead detective in charge of a group of fellow detectives and officers who work in a precinct on the edge of New York City, with hilarity no-doubt ensuing.

Speaking a short while after the announcement of the former-SNL favourite's appointment, Schur and Goor said, "Andy's hilarious, and he was the first guy we thought of when we designed the part. From the moment we mentioned his name, everyone at Universal Television and FOX was 100% on-board. Andy Loved the pitch, and it all came together really quickly. We couldn't be happier."

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The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island Quick Links

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