Review of Ordinary Song Album by The Little Ones

The Little Ones
Ordinary Song
Album Review
(Heavenly Records)

The Little Ones Ordinary Song Album

San Francisco five-piece The Little Ones are one of those bands whose entire existence screams - or rather whispers - "inoffensive" in bold, black type no matter where or what the occasion.

'Ordinary Song', a taster for their soon-to-be-released second long player 'Morning Tide' is no exception, and if anything could be used as the band's signature tune both in title and content. The problem with this band in general, see, is that despite the shiny happy melodies and pop-driven hooks, there's really little to get all excited about, and while they aren't on the wet and drippy side of bland either, there's a distinct element of meh about the whole thing.

In a nutshell, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Arcade Fire and the soon-to-be-massive Black Kids do this kind of thing so much better, and with an added zest to boot. OK but largely unmemorable.

Dom Gourlay

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