Review of Morning Tide Album by The Little Ones

Album review of 'Morning Tide' by The Little Ones.

The Little Ones Morning Tide Album

Los Angeles fivepiece The Little Ones received rave reviews and numerous fans when they released their debut EP 'Sing Song' in 2007 and this year have returned with their debut album.

'Morning Tide' is packed with indie guitar pop anthems which will have people dancing all year round. Full of catchy riffs, strong vocals and soaring, bouncing choruses the release definitely proves that the band have songwriting nailed on the head.

'Boracay' and 'Tangerine Visions' are effortless indie dance anthems with verses building into strong choruses. This is not the suggest that The Little Ones are a one trick pony, 'Gregorys Chant' is just as affective with guitar filled verses and quieter drum based choruses.

'Waltz' has been added into the mix, presumably as a break from the upbeat joy and although it serves its purpose is the weak point of the album. It exposes and area of vulnerability where the vocals seem a little restrictive and doesn't show any of the bands individuality.

However, final number, 'Farm Song,' proves the band should not give up on writing ballads yet. A gentle, beautiful guitar led song which is the perfect warm down from an impressive collection of songs. The Little Ones are way ahead of some of their compatriots and defiantly the band of summer.

Kelda Manley

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