They first made headlines back in April when a video of them singing acapella on a flight from Brisbane went viral, but now the Broadway cast of hit musical 'The Lion King' are back in the spotlight after staging a flash mob performance of 'The Circle of Life' on a New York subway train. Apparently filmed between a matinee and evening performance, the cast board the train dressed in plain clothes and once it starts moving, treat their fellow passengers to a taste of the Tony-award winning musical. Whilst some of the commuters look a little bemused, others are clearly enjoying the spontatenous performance, and high-five the performers at the end of the song. 

Whilst most people wouldn't want to be stuck on the subway in summer, this would certainly make for a journey worth remembering. 'The Lion King' first opened on Broadway in 1997 and has been running ever since, recently declared the first musical to make over $1 billion at the box office. The lyrics were written by musical maestro Tim Rice and the music composed by Elton John, and the musical has gone on to enchant audiences around the world.

It is based on Disney's classic animated film of the same name, which is to gain a spin-off television series next autumn entitled 'The Lion Guard', which will focus on the son of Simba and Nala, Kion. 

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