The Like

The Like

Academy 3, Manchester
Live Review

With this being the penultimate date of the tour, The Like can look back on their first headline UK jaunt with some degree of satisfaction. Z Berg, Charlotte Froom and Tennessee Thomas have received critical acclaim for both their debut album "Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?" and also for their live performances, so it's fair to say that they've won over quite a large number of people.

As soon as the three ladies take to the stage, calls of "get naked" are thrown at the stage from the assembled indie boys. Yes, the trio are extremely pleasant on the eye, but you'd hope they could perform and be judged on their music, and not their appearance. It's quite obvious that this isn't the first time this has happened though, and confident front woman Berg deals with it expertly, challenging someone to take their clothes off – which shuts up most of the hecklers. Settling into their set, The Like instantly dispel any fears that they can't play, with Thomas an energetic mass of hair behind the drum kit, and Froom seductively swaying in time to her bass. Berg shows that she has a good control of her voice, particularly on the wonderful "You Bring Me Down", while an energetic "What I Say And What I Mean" displays the trio are equally capable of rocking out.

A performance of "The One" sees the girls moving into top gear, with Froom harmonising effortlessly with Berg, but undoubtedly the highlight of the set comes from current single "June Gloom". With the chorus about to kick in, the audience comes to life and out-sings the lead vocalist, leading to pleasantly shocked expressions from all three girls. Significantly for the band it proves that they are finding their audience in this country, and as one of them comments with regards to the sing-a-long, "that's never happened before!" The Like seem genuinely amazed at the feedback they receive from the audience, and Berg announces before the group finish that they "love Manchester". After an impressive performance, it doesn't take a genius to see that the feeling is mutual.

Alex Lai

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